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State Board of Medical Registration and Examination:
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or during offensive action with but little resistance
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tested clinically, and proved satisfactory. It is promoted to the
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ards of the businessman must be elevated to the standards of the doctor because the
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Doctor Miller will engage in the practice of general
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roster of the “Fifty Year Club.” Their names were
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There can be no middle course between the ethics of the medical profession and the
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dilatory in sending in this one dollar, due on July
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tration of approximately 26.8 per cent of the total
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tional disability, the full weight of society, medi-
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disease himself in 1816 at the age of forty-two. He
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berger of Lafayette, president of the Indiana State
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fession alone, not by a nation alone, but by the uni-
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with him in this and congratulate him on his effort
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putting your county auxiliary at the top of the state
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fore, is declared open and ready for the transaction
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fore, provides maximum dependable concentration of the
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et cetera, where a prefix of Dr. is legally used. The

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